AMES Ltd have extensive experience in designing for valued engineering solutions for the design build contractors. Through our specialist engineering division. AMES Ltd is always seeking to add values to its project through innovative approach and efficiency.

We have produced value engineering design on several design and build drawings namely:

  • Telemetric hall in Bigara
  • Multipurpose hall at John Kennedy College
  • Renovation of Plaza Theatre (Phase I)
  • New Headquarters for District Council of Pamplemousses.
  • New Market Fair in Bel Air.




MEP Engineering

At AMES Ltd, we undertake design in MEP Engineering Consultancy Services. We utilise a multi-disciplinary approach that builds economic/environmental and social sustainability.

We provide support to our client from our appointment till testing and commissioning inclusive of liaison and approval from Authorities. Our qualified engineers are involved at design stage, implementation, testing and commissioning stage.



Power Sector

  • i. Lead flow analysis
  • ii. Short circuit analysis
  • iii. Arc flash analysis
  • iv. Relay coordination
  • v. Stability Analysis



Infrastructural Design

At AMES Ltd, we have the necessary expertise to work on infrastructure project.

We have designed, supervised, tested and commissioned several projects of parcelling of lands namely:

  • Morcellement at Au Bout Du Monde - Palms Residence
  • Morcellement in Pailles
  • Morcellement in Mare D'albert
  • Morcellement in Bras D'eau
  • Morcellement in Allée Brillant.

Environmentally Sustainable Design

At Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services Ltd, we study how our design and solutions will have an impact on the environment. At AMES ltd, we have extensive experience in the water quality and treatment using reverse osmosis/desalination plant. We have on several occasions been successful in obtaining EIA/ PER license for many projects. We ensure that our design are:

  • Efficient
  • Easy for maintenance during operation
  • Environmentally friendly

Our design contributed to project awarded Green Certificate.

We also have the expertise in the design of desalination plant.


At Ames Ltd, we believe in innovative technologies. To this end, we have developed a research department in specialized field for working towards new trend and technologies which will bring Ames ltd at the fore front.

Our first research work being carried out by our professional staff is “Study of the transient stability of the renewable energy integrated grid for small island Developing State”.

Advanced Mechanical & Electrical Services ltd has participated in several flagship conferences organised by  the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, USA and the Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK.

  • A. A. Jhumka, R. T. F. Ah King and A. Khoodaruth,(2020) "Fault and Stability Analysis of a Solar PV System Connected to an Infinite Bus," 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering (ELECOM), pp. 216-221, doi: 10.1109/ELECOM49001.2020.9297030.
  • Abdul Ahad Jhumka, Robert T.F.Ah King and Chandana Ramasawmy,’Rotor angle and inertia analysis in presence of renewable energy’ Contributing to the Industrialisation of Africa through Innovations in Science and Technology (Africon 2021)’Arusha, Tanzania, September 13-15, 2021.
  • A. A. Jhumka, A. K. Robert T. F., A. Khoodaruth and C. Ramasawmy, "Comparative Performance Analysis of Solar Energy and Wind Energy Systems using Rotor Angle Stability," 2022 IEEE 7th International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON), 2022, pp. 1-5, doi: 10.1109/ENERGYCON 53164.2022.9830452.
  • Jhumka, A.A., King, R.T. and Ramasawmy, C. (2022) “Assessing the impact of integrating solar PV system using the Equal Area Criterion Method,” Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal, 7(5), pp. 35–40. 

Global Consultancy Services

At Ames Ltd, we are able to provide a global consultancy works which include the services of a registered architect, structural/ civil engineer, a professional quantity surveyor and a project management.

We are actually working on 3 projects for such type of services.

Claim Dispute

Azuri Residence (Villa 25 & 28)

Disputes in the construction is very common. It requires an accurate knowledge in engineering and installation of equipment. The client of Villa 25 & 28 has retained our services to assess the electrical and mechanical installation due to the settlement of the villa.

Construction of a 97,000m2 of project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We worked as sub consultant with AJ Bowler Consult for claim dispute of a 97,000m2 project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our role was to assess all the changes that have brought to increase of project.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

With a view of providing accurate design, we have invested in the building information Modelling (BIM) software. Coordination and clash detection of services are easily monitored. All our staff are fully trained on BIM.


  • RAMDENEE Group
  • SIMS Group of Companies
  • Penial Christian Fellowship
  • Villas de Charme
  • Black Rock Luxury Ltd
  • Les Terrasses de Martello
  • Les Villas de Cascavelle
  • BAI
  • SAMLO Group
  • Henessy Court Properties
  • J. Kalachand
  • BDO
  • Ministry of Education and Human Resources
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • EDENROCK Properties Ltd
  • EPERVIER Company Ltd
  • Calodyne sur Mer Ltd
  • Hotel le Pearle Beach
  • Hotel Jalsa Beach
  • Start Promoters ltd
  • Groupe Robertson Patrimoune
  • RM Club
  • Municipality of Port-Louis
  • Century Trading Ltd
  • Benchmark Consulting Engineers
  • Constellation de Marguery
  • La Quinta Development
  • And last but not the least, all the individual clients.
  • OCAL Ltd
  • Chutur & Partners Ltd
  • Servansingh Jadav & Partners Consulting Ltd
  • Limbada & Limbada
  • Juddoo Consulting Ltd
  • Mooroogan & Associates Ltd
  • Subraconsult Ltd
  • Ragoo Associates Ltd
  • Matrix Project Services